​Attendees accepted the challenge and TOOK A BITE OUT OF LYME!!!!

​Taking a bite is designed to show the FACE of LYME DISEASE!

Jeri Dobson Clemens can tell you about the rewards of attending a seminar!!!!.

Just look at that smile!!!!

State Park Booths!

​Awareness Booths

Seminars and Wellness Retreats are held regularly to connect the Mind and Body into balance.  It is almost impossible to regain your health without working on both mind & body.

​Seminars include: treatment protocols, difference between antibiotic & natural treatment, modalities such as rife, HBOT, sauna.

​Retreats include: food fermentation, essential oils, relaxation, meditation.

2016 ​Seminar and Wellness Retreat Info.

Over 100 letters to Senators collected!

​MOLD is a common problem facing Lyme patients healing ....

Take a Bite out of Lyme CHALLANGE

Think you might have an issue with MOLD in your environment?  Bill Whitstine is shown on the left, along with Michael Turner and a MOLD DETECTION DOG.  This process is affordable and will determine any mold issues!  $100 per 1000 sq foot.  Call today for an appointment!  (727) 798-1950

Bill and his dogs have been featured on Animal Planet, Hotel Impossible, and many other shows. Google Bill Whitstine + Mold Dog!!!

PROUD to share Awareness and Education.

2017 May Awareness Month.